List of files are as follows:
FILE.dat is the actual pattern file for the protein (last column is the experimental binding status).
FILE.21 is the binary coding of each residue in protein.
FILE is the binding site data (1 means binding, 0 means not binding)
1a7c 1a7c.21 1a7c.compo 1a7c.dat 1a7c.fasta 1a7c.pssm
1au1 1au1.21 1au1.compo 1au1.dat 1au1.fasta 1au1.pssm
1axm 1axm.21 1axm.compo 1axm.dat 1axm.fasta 1axm.pssm
1cvn 1cvn.21 1cvn.compo 1cvn.dat 1cvn.fasta 1cvn.pssm
1e6n 1e6n.21 1e6n.compo 1e6n.dat 1e6n.fasta 1e6n.pssm
1fv3 1fv3.21 1fv3.compo 1fv3.dat 1fv3.fasta 1fv3.pssm
1fwu 1fwu.21 1fwu.compo 1fwu.dat 1fwu.fasta 1fwu.pssm
1g1t 1g1t.21 1g1t.compo 1g1t.dat 1g1t.fasta 1g1t.pssm
1g5n 1g5n.21 1g5n.compo 1g5n.dat 1g5n.fasta 1g5n.pssm
1gmn 1gmn.21 1gmn.compo 1gmn.dat 1gmn.fasta 1gmn.pssm
1gui 1gui.21 1gui.compo 1gui.dat 1gui.fasta 1gui.pssm
1gwm 1gwm.21 1gwm.compo 1gwm.dat 1gwm.fasta 1gwm.pssm
1iw6 1iw6.21 1iw6.compo 1iw6.dat 1iw6.fasta 1iw6.pssm
1j8r 1j8r.21 1j8r.compo 1j8r.dat 1j8r.fasta 1j8r.pssm
1jpc 1jpc.21 1jpc.compo 1jpc.dat 1jpc.fasta 1jpc.pssm
1lgb 1lgb.21 1lgb.compo 1lgb.dat 1lgb.fasta 1lgb.pssm
1m5j 1m5j.21 1m5j.compo 1m5j.dat 1m5j.fasta 1m5j.pssm
1oh4 1oh4.21 1oh4.compo 1oh4.dat 1oh4.fasta 1oh4.pssm
1q8v 1q8v.21 1q8v.compo 1q8v.dat 1q8v.fasta 1q8v.pssm
1qfo 1qfo.21 1qfo.compo 1qfo.dat 1qfo.fasta 1qfo.pssm
1rid 1rid.21 1rid.compo 1rid.dat 1rid.fasta 1rid.pssm
1se3 1se3.21 1se3.compo 1se3.dat 1se3.fasta 1se3.pssm
1sl4 1sl4.21 1sl4.compo 1sl4.dat 1sl4.fasta 1sl4.pssm
1slc 1slc.21 1slc.compo 1slc.dat 1slc.fasta 1slc.pssm
1t0w 1t0w.21 1t0w.compo 1t0w.dat 1t0w.fasta 1t0w.pssm
1t8u 1t8u.21 1t8u.compo 1t8u.dat 1t8u.fasta 1t8u.pssm
1ule 1ule.21 1ule.compo 1ule.dat 1ule.fasta 1ule.pssm
1ux7 1ux7.21 1ux7.compo 1ux7.dat 1ux7.fasta 1ux7.pssm
1uy4 1uy4.21 1uy4.compo 1uy4.dat 1uy4.fasta 1uy4.pssm
1uyy 1uyy.21 1uyy.compo 1uyy.dat 1uyy.fasta 1uyy.pssm
1vbo 1vbo.21 1vbo.compo 1vbo.dat 1vbo.fasta 1vbo.pssm
1vps 1vps.21 1vps.compo 1vps.dat 1vps.fasta 1vps.pssm
1w9t 1w9t.21 1w9t.compo 1w9t.dat 1w9t.fasta 1w9t.pssm
1xt3 1xt3.21 1xt3.compo 1xt3.dat 1xt3.fasta 1xt3.pssm
2bos 2bos.21 2bos.compo 2bos.dat 2bos.fasta 2bos.pssm
2fcp 2fcp.21 2fcp.compo 2fcp.dat 2fcp.fasta 2fcp.pssm
2mpr 2mpr.21 2mpr.compo 2mpr.dat 2mpr.fasta 2mpr.pssm
3chb 3chb.21 3chb.compo 3chb.dat 3chb.fasta 3chb.pssm
3man 3man.21 3man.compo 3man.dat 3man.fasta 3man.pssm
3mbp 3mbp.21 3mbp.compo 3mbp.dat 3mbp.fasta 3mbp.pssm