CCRXP ADV: User selected parameters (Definitions are provided here. For detailed effect on CCR analysis, click here)

Critereon to determine residue positions in space:
Before clustering, CCRXP assign a single geometric position to each residue. This position will be used to reduce a residue to single point and the density of resulting points will be used as packing density (first sub-selection) and clustering residue (second sub-selection). Currently two methods of selecting this position are available. Choosing "ca", uses atomic coordinates of C-alpha position in the PDB. Choosing geometric center, CCRXP will calculate the center of mass for all atoms in the ATOM records of that residue. Both these methods in either combination can be used to define packing density as well as clustering. Defaule for CCRXP_lite is C-alpha for packing density and geometric center for clustering.